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California Primary Polls Closed

ElectionsCancerLance ArmstrongMitt Romney

Polls across the state closed at 8 p.m. for California’s Primary; in addition to statewide measures like propositions 28 and 29, voters will be selecting candidates for various city, county and state representatives.

The ballots may seem more crowded this time around because they must now include English, Spanish and Chinese translations. Also, California’s new “top two” system means all candidates for races other than the president will appear on the ballot, regardless of party affiliation. The top two vote-getters in each race, not necessarily one from each party, will then advance to the general election in November.

Proposition 29 has gotten most of the statewide attention, it’s a measure that would tack on a $1 tax on all cigarette packs. The money would be used for cancer research. The initiative has brought out big names, and big money, on both sides: tobacco companies are fighting the measure saying the money may not stay in California, cancer survivor and Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is among those pushing for the tax to pass.

The other proposition, 28, asks voters to reconsider term limits. The measure would allow state legislators to only serve 12 years, instead of 14.

Voter turnout is not expected to be high, as many voters mailed in their ballots or are not voting altogether. The Republican presidential nominating process is all but decided after candidate Mitt Romney won enough delegates to secure his name on the ballot in November last month.

Sacramento County elections officials told FOX40 as of Monday, they received ballots from barely 27% of the 338,000 voters who vote by mail. Those hoping to mail in their ballots will now have to walk them to election centers to make sure they get counted Tuesday night. Read more about voter turnout here.

Stay with FOX40 and for results and analysis.


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ElectionsCancerLance ArmstrongMitt Romney