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81-year-old Skydiver's Instructor Fined

She's the 81-year-old dare devil who decided to take a 13,000 leap in to the sky. But, when it all went wrong, she became the 81-year-old YouTube sensation.

And now, the Federal Aviation Administration is talking about fining the instructor a $2,200 civil penalty, claiming he didn't properly secure her, according to our partners at the Sacramento Bee.

Laverne Everett is not complaining though, she told one paper the instructor saved her life.

Everett made the jump in May of last year to celebrate turning 80-years-old, but, when the harness fell off of her, the jump turned into anything but a celebration.

The Lodi parachute instructor has 30 days to meet with an FAA attorney, or, he can pay the fine. We tried to reach the parachute center Monday, but they did not comment.

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