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Niner Fans Plan for the Next Party

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There's no better party than the one you can actually have in the stands...watching your favorite team leave it all on the field.

Many of the folks who got as close as they could today at a local sports bar....are considering making the trip to the n-f-c championship...but it's no small undertaking.

Checking stub hub tonight, the most reasonable ticket we could find for a mid-level  seat on the 20 yard line $520 to $705.

Niner fans who want to bring their brand of in-your-face 'fan...aticism'  to the NFC championship game, have to have the same kind of attitude they did after Jimmy Graham caught Drew Brees' touchdown pass with 1:37 left on the clock.

"We still got one minute left.  Don't count us out yet,” said Glen Henry.

Fan Diana Maharaj says she’d sell her truck for a ticket to see her favorite team advance toward the super bowl.

That is one way to do it....but FOX40 checked into some others.

If the NFC championship ends up a Bay battle royale, forget trying to get into the box office at candlestick.

You will be able to access tickets online, but be prepared to pay.

Prices we found ranged from $269 to $5,000 on stub hub.

Ebay will take less out of your pocket, just $300 to $700.

If your dedication to the Niner nation finds you having to consider a trip to Wisconsin,

Stub hub shows tickets available for 370 dollars on the low end.

On the high end prices hit $46,000.

You may need to sell a truck after all.

Ebay prices run from 200 to 900 smackeroos.

And a ticket won't be enough if the Niners' next big game is in green bay.

You'll need a flight.

Orbitz says that'll cost more than $1,400 out of Sac international, $867 out of SFO or $932 out of Oakland.

And here's something else to consider...Green Bay's a smaller airport so lots of folks headed there choose to fly into Milwaukee, Wisconsin instead.

Landing there, Spending the night and then getting a rental car for the two hour drive to Green Bay on game day...may be a better deal.

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