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Last Text Messages Between McNair and Mistress Released

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Text messages between a woman and formerNFL quarterback Steve McNair made in the hours before police sayshe shot him to death and turned the gun on herself supportauthorities' contention that she was spiraling out of control.

Nashville police released the 50 text messages Monday night aspart of a case summary and detailed the exchanges between the twohours before the July 4 murder-suicide.

Sahel Kazemi texted McNair on July 3 tosay she was so stressed she might have a breakdown and asked for$2,000 to pay bills.

One text said she might need to go to ahospital because she could hardly breathe.

Police say texts show McNair had someone transfer the money. Thetexts also show Kazemi meeting McNair at the Nashville condominiumwhere he was shot.

He asked her to leave the front door open forhim.

Spokesman Don Aaron said he has been working to summarize thecase for weeks and denied it was a response to a two-part report onCBS' "The Early Show" questioning the original investigation.

"If anyone has information that needs to come to the attentionof the police department, we'll be happy to receive it as part ofthis investigation," Aaron told The Associated Press. "But atthis juncture, there has been nothing uncovered that suggests thisis not a murder-suicide."

The CBS report Monday interviewed friends portraying Kazemi ashappy and showed that she had approximately $2,500 in her bankaccount at the time of her death.

Kazemi's texts to McNair talk of her showing furniture sheplanned to sell to some people and how she was at a store "tryingto fix" her phone. She wanted to pay bills before going to work.When she said she could hardly breathe, McNair asked if she wantedhim to come over. She said she would take a nap.

McNair texted her that afternoon, saying he had someone transferthe money.

Kazemi later texted McNair three times asking to be with himthat night. He said he was having trouble getting his sons tosleep. But at that time, McNair was seen at a restaurant withfriends. Kazemi texted she was going to his condo. He texted backat 12:38 a.m. that he was on his way and asked her to open thefront door at 12:52 a.m. Kazemi told him at 1:14 a.m. it was open.

The last text was at 2:23 with Kazemi saying, "I am going tothe store." But police say the message received by McNair's phoneseemed oddly placed in the stream of messages and out of synch. AT-Mobile specialist told police it could be a service or technicalproblem that caused a delay in the delivery of the message.

The summary also details how police checked video footage frombusinesses in the area and found a law firm camera caught thebackside of the condo where their bodies were found later July 4.The footage did not show any suspicious activity or departure inthe early hours of that morning.

Police also list the shift manager at the restaurant whereKazemi worked who told officers something seemed to be botheringKazemi on July 3. Sonya New said she asked Kazemi if everything wasall right when the server told her of her DUI arrest on July 2. Themanager also knew of Kazemi's roommate moving and asked aboutMcNair's divorce.

"And she (Kazemi) just rolled her eyes. New said at the end ofthe conversation, Kazemi said, "My life is just (awful) and Ishould end it."

Business was slow that night when Kazemi asked if she couldleave early. She clocked out at 10:07 p.m.

The summary also includes new information from the woman Kazemifollowed from McNair's condo, suspicious that he was involved withsomeone else.

Police also say Leah Ignagni confirmed she was dating McNair andrecalled seeing a woman in a black Cadillac Escalade parked outsidehis condo two or three weeks before his murder.

Ignagni saw thewoman follow her and later saw the Escalade circling her block orparked outside her apartment a week or two later. A 2007 blackEscalade was co-registered both to Kazemi and McNair.

Ignagni told police McNair visited her around 4 a.m. on July 2 -a couple hours after Kazemi's arrest - to tell her "Jenni" hadbeen arrested for DUI. McNair then spent the night of July 2 atIgnagni's apartment but left early July 3.

The report also includes details from the crime scene that bloodstains showed Kazemi's upper body was in McNair's lap beforesliding to the floor. Police also found the gun under Kazemi's headwith an impression in the carpet the summary said indicates neitherthe gun nor Kazemi's body was moved before officers arrived.

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