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Singer Sheryl Crow Reveals She Has Brain Tumor

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow has revealed that she has a benign brain tumor.

The Grammy winner's tumor was discovered during a recent MRI, after she forgot the words to part of her hit song "Soak Up the Sun" at a Florida concert.

Crow posted a message to her fans on her Facebook page saying, "Please don't worry about my 'brain tumor,' it's a noncancerous growth. I know some folks can have problems with this kind of thing, but I want to assure everyone I'm OK.

"I'm feeling very healthy and happy, and having a great time on the road playing with my new band. I'm busy working on my next record too, which 'm very excited about...and I'll be on The Tony Awards this Sunday. Really appreciate everyone's love and concern, I feel so blessed to have the support of all my fans, but I'm good - really!"

Crow, a breast cancer survivor, spoke to CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, describing the tumor as a "bump in the road."

She said that she doesn't need surgery, but she'll have periodic scans to monitor the growth.

According to the singer's representative, Crow was diagnosed with meningioma, a common type of brain tumor.

"It's a tumor that typically grows between the outer layer of the brain and the brain itself. So it's not actually inside the brain," Gupta explains.

Depending on their size, some people have their tumors removed right away.

Some, like Crow, take the wait-and-see approach, while others might never need an operation or treatment.

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