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Prominent OC Surgeon Drowned After Head Trauma

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IRVINE (KTLA) - Autopsy and forensic reports indicate that the prominent Orange County burn-injury surgeon Dr. Marianne Cinat, found in her backyard pool in June, drowned due to blunt-force trauma to her head.

Cinat was the medical director of UC Irvine Regional Burn Center in Orange. When recovered from her pool, she had swelling and scrapes on her forehead, a small cut on her nose, internal bleeding in her front scalp and a small cut on the back of her head. Her respiratory system showed evidence of fresh-water drowning.

Orange County Coroner authorities could not determine whether the trauma Cinat suffered was an accident, a homicide, a suicide or from natural causes.

The Orange County Register reports that while investigators with the Sheriff's Department do not know exactly what happened to Cinat, there is no indication that her death was a suicide or homicide.

Cinat, who was 45 when she died, lived alone in her single-family house in Rossmoor. She was a native of Michigan, was not married and had no children, according to coroner's documents.

Toxicology tests showed Cinat had no drugs in her system, but she did have a 0.11 percent blood alcohol concentration. The legal limit to drive a vehicle in California is .08 percent.

The Sheriff's Department file on Cinat's death remains open, in case new information arises, but for now no resources are being used to investigate it.

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