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Nightmare Plastic Surgeries

It's the celebrities whose horror stories we hear -- Usher's wife Tameka Foster, a cosmetic surgery emergency in Brazil, and Kanye West's mom Donda, dead after cosmetic surgery complications here in the U.S.

In Beverly Hills, the world capital of plastic surgery, the beautiful people continue to go under the knife, but in this tough economy, some might be doing a little dangerous bargain hunting.

At his Beverly Hills office, top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani says these days he's more like 'Doctor Fixit.' He's found more and more lately that because of the economy, people are trying to cut corners. They're going to surgeons that are less experienced, or maybe aren't certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

One of Dr. Mani's patients, bikini model Amanda Carrier, got her first breast augmentation for free -- she entered a radio contest entitled 'The Twelve Boobs of Christmas'...and Amanda won two of them. Unfortunately, her new boobs... went sideways. Dr. Mani says Amanda had breast implants placed through the armpit, and the pocket was created too large to the side.

So it was Dr. Mani to the rescue. He redid her surgery...and restored her babe-alicious bikini cleavage.

Amanda says that with other girls, she sees in their pictures the airbrushing in their chest area because of their flaws and imperfections. But with Amanda's pictures, she says you really don't have to airbrush or touch up the photos to make my boobs look even because they're perfect!

Another of Dr. Mani's patients, who had gone to a non-board certified surgeon for a face lift, saw the job botched and her ear melted into her face. Dr. Mani rebuilt her ear. He says it's one of the real complications that you can tell someone's had a face lift. Luckily, it's correctible and she looks even younger now as a result of the 'Dr. Fixit' surgery.

Dr. Mani warns that getting it done right the first time is what will save you a lot of time, and a lot of money down the road. He recommends that you can do a lot of research on line, find out what a surgeon's credentials are, and talk to a previous patient who's been to that surgeon and has been happy with them.

But some work might be beyond rescue. Case in point: Michael Jackson. After countless procedures, the King of Pop...has become the Posterboy for Chop. Dr. Mani says that if Michael Jackson walked in his office today, he doesn't think he could help him because Jackson's problem is psychological. Dr. Mani says he believes Michael has what we call body dysmorphic disorder.

Sadly, Dr. Mani suspects that there may not be much a plastic surgeon could do for Jackson that he would want them done.

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