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Report: Officer Waited in Alley 2 Hours Before Arresting Ex-Laker Matt Barnes

Los Angeles LakersBasketballMatt Barnes (basketball)

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) --The police officer who arrested former Lakers Matt Barnes waited in an alley for two hours and watched him leave a restaurant before arresting him, according to a TMZ report.

Barnes, who has posted bail, was arrested on an outstanding misdemeanor traffic warrant and for allegedly threatening a police officer.

Police in Manhattan Beach say Barnes was walking in the 100 block of Manhattan Beach Boulevard around 8:30 p.m. Monday when officers stopped him.

Manhattan Beach police claim Barnes resisted arrest and made a verbal threat to officers.

However, sources told TMZ that Barnes already had one hand behind his back as he attempted to hand his girlfriend the keys with his other hand so she could drive home.

Those sources say the officer then grabbed the hand with the keys and that Barnes pulled away, but never made a verbal threat.

Barnes was wanted on an outstanding $26,000 traffic warrant for driving on a suspended license.

Officers say Barnes also resisted arrest and made a threat against one of them, which is a felony.

Police would not provide specific details about the alleged threat.

KTLA has exclusive video from a surveillance camera that shows the confrontation with police, which took place in an alleyway.

Barnes can be seen talking to officers, and then he's handcuffed and put in a police car.

Eyewitnesses who saw the confrontation said it was quite a scene in the sleepy beach town.

"As he [Barnes] was coming out cops just came out -- just blazing out -- down the hill," Jesus Diaz recalled.

"They came down the hill to get him and they take him down the alley and started talking to him, and then they handcuff him and take him up to the cop car."

Barnes was released on $51,000 bail at around midnight.

Just after 1 a.m., Barnes tweeted: "Funny how a small situation turns into a "Urban Legend".. A $26,000 traffic ticket?? Come on now smh.. Have a good night".

He followed that up with a post that said: "Oh.. For all you perfect people out there looking at me w/your nose in the air, who have "NEVER" missed a court date for a "TRAFFIC VIOLATION" God Bless You..."

Barnes, who is currently a free agent, has played for about 10 NBA teams, including the Lakers.

He was the Lakers' top-scoring reserve this past season, averaging 7.8 points per game, but was not expected to be re-signed.

Barnes has a reputation around the NBA for picking fights.

He once punched another player and once threw an assistant coach to the ground in Dallas.

Last season, he shoved the Clippers' Blake Griffin to the ground.

Barnes has been arrested at least once before for domestic violence in the Sacramento area, but he was never charged.

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Los Angeles LakersBasketballMatt Barnes (basketball)