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July 18 - Best Friends Adoption Center: Debbie, Chocolate and Bubbles


Today we had three great pets that are ready for adoption from the Best Friends Adoption Center in Mission Hills.

Debbie is a puppy Norwich terrier mix, who couldn’t be more endearing. She is a true girl, very dainty and polite. Debbie is a total lap dog, and prefers seeing the world from your arms. She minds her manners, and would do well with other dogs, too. 

 Chocolate is a three-month old female Domestic Shorthair.  She is known for her love of belly rubs and even enjoys walking on a harness!  Chocolate is easy to handle and would do well in a kid-friendly home due to her good-natured temperament.

 Bubbles is a two-month old female Calico.  She is a true calico, and embraces that sassy, independent nature.  While she isn’t super needy, she still LOVES to play and welcomes a playmate, so would do well in a home with other cats.

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Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center, 15321 Brand Blvd. in Mission Hills. ALL pets are spay/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. ALL Adopters get a free collar/leash, ID tag, bag of pet food and one month of free pet insurance.  

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