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No New Trial for Convicted "Top Model" Designer

LOS ANGELES -- A request for a new trial by 'America's Next Top Model' fashion designer and convicted rapist Anand Jon Alexander has been denied.

Superior Court Judge David Wesley ruled that conversations between the defendant's sister and a juror did not taint the verdict.

The ruling on Monday upholds multiple convictions last year against Alexander, who was charged with luring aspiring models to Los Angeles and raping them.

Wesley says the juror and Alexander's sister acted inappropriately and held both in contempt of court.

The defense claimed the taped conversation were grounds to throw out a jury's finding, while prosecutors say the talk was just flirtatious banter and not about the defendant's guilt or innocence.

"The tape speaks for itself," Deputy District Attorney Frances Young wrote in prosecution's argument against a new trial. "It appears to capture a conversation in which Dymally wanted to privately tell Sanjana that he thought she was 'sexy' and that he wanted to see her 'afterwards.'"

The defense requested a new trial after reviewing a recorded phone conversation between Alvin Dymally and Alexander's sister Sanjana in which the juror complimented her appearance.

Defense attorneys have said Dymally changed his vote to guilty after his client's sister refused to meet with him.

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