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Skechers shoe company to pay $40 million in refunds

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SAN DIEGO--The Skechers USA Inc about to shell out $40 million in refunds to customers. The shoe giant was ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to pay the refunds because of unfounded 

claims about its Shape-ups shoes.  


The company with the use if Kim Kardashian as a spokesman, promoted the shoe as a way to lose weight, build muscle and get into shape.


"They were good to me. I felt good when I wore the shoe and I felt like It improved my posture," said Skecher owner Holly Chapman. 


The settlement also includes the company's  Resistance Runner, Toners and Tone-up shoes. The Trade Commission says the company made deceptive claims about those shoes as well.


Skechers promoted its Shape-ups as a fitness tool designed to promote weight loss and tone muscles. Other shoes mentioned in the lawsuit claimed to increase 'muscle activation' by

up to 85 percent for posture related muscles and 71 percent for one of the muscles in the buttocks.  


"I've had them for a couple of months. I'm still waiting for my weight to go down. I had no idea I'm entitled to a refund," said Chapman.


The FTC wanted to send a message to national advertisers to tone down their claims. Skechers says it disputes the charges and is pursuing more studies.


The Shape-ups run about $100 bucks and are sold all over the country. Customers who bought the shoes are eligible for a refund although it's not clear how much money consumers will get.


The FTC said that depends on how many claims are received in the eight-month filing period. This latest settlement comes on the heels of Reebok agreeing to pay 25 million to settle charges 

it misled consumers about their EasyTone and RunTone shoes.

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