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Sailors return home from Kuwait

SAN DIEGO -- Nearly 40 sailors returning from a seven month deployment to Kuwait were greeted by friends and family in San Diego Monday.

Alyssa Cituk couldn't hide her emotion at Lindbergh Field while waiting for her husband, who is a medical evacuation pilot for the Helicopter Sea Squadron 21.  

“I miss just being together and our time together,” she said of husband Lt. Ronnie Cituk. 

Wives held their babies and held tissues as they waited for their loved ones to arrive.  As the sailors stepped off the plane, families and onlookers alike cheered. 

“This is the best moment that I look forward to,” said Lt. Cituk.  “It’s kind of what keeps you going, you just wake every morning and go to bed at night just waiting for this moment.”

Each sailor was greeted whether they had family and friends there or not.  USO volunteers waved flags and welcomed each service member home. 

“I’m a navy wife,” said volunteer Austie Castro. “It’s incredible. My heart is racing because I'm so excited for all the wives that get to have their husbands back.”

Castro said it was her honor to welcome them home. 

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