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Motorcycle club leader gunned down

SAN DIEGO - Police were looking for clues in the weekend drive-by shooting of the head of a local motorcycle club in front the group's clubhouse Monday.

"CJ" Clyde Major Thompson, Jr., also known as "Wild Dogg", president of San Diego's Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club, was shot and killed Friday at 11 p.m. outside the clubhouse in the Mount Hope neighborhood in the 4200 block of Market Street, according to witnesses.

The National City resident was repairing a bike with a friend when a young man opened fire from a sports utility vehicle and was last seen eastbound on Market.

The gunman, described as a young black man in a black "hoodie" and black shirt, opened fire from an SUV, San Diego police Lt. Ernie Herbert said.

Police are asking the public to for information about the fatal shooting and to call detectives at 619-531-2293.  The motive of the shooting was unknown.

The club said it was cooperating with police and would "exercise calm, patience and discipline as we work through this process."

The Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club was founded in 1972 by seven black men who rode on Sundays, according to the club. The clubhouse was established in 1974.

The Mighty Black Sabbath M.C. Nation, with its headquarters in Atlanta, has 17 chapters nationwide. The San Diego chapter is known as the "mother chapter."

The shooting has the community requesting a stronger police presence.

“I hope this serves as a wake-up call to the entire San Diego urban community that we need to look out for each other.  We need more police on the streets,” said Mikey Knab, a San Diego resident.

The bike club has an online memorial set up in honor of CJ.  He is survived by his long-term girlfriend, two daughters and seven siblings, according to the club, which said he took over as president in 2011.

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