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Soldiers bring celebrity to San Diego military ball

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SAN DIEGO - A YouTube request turned into a date over the weekend with a celebrity for a group of San Diego soldiers.

E! News Network correspondent Ashlan Gorse was asked through a video posted on YouTube to escort a few National Guardsmen to a military ball in San Diego and she said yes. 

The troops have been fans of Gorse for years and knew it was a long shot that she actually might show, but she did, not only because what they do for our country, but simply that their cool guys.

“I’m so honored to be here, this is an amazing honor,” Gorse said while at the ball Sunday evening.

Gorse said when they asked her on a date, it was a no brainer.  Gorse's brother-in-law is a Desert Storm veteran who was injured while on active duty.  He's played a role in assisting the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation.  

The ball also highlighted Gorse's colleague Michelle Penn and her project called Welcome Me Home. The project helps military families support their injured warriors. 

“It’s like a Ronald McDonald House for the military, offering a place for families to stay while soldiers are recovering a nearby hospital,” said Penn.

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