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Fans buzzing over Bolts loss

SAN DIEGO - After a tough loss Monday night, Charger fans have been calling into sports talk shows in droves, said one longtime San Diego sportscaster.

Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton has been hosting his radio show for the past 25 years.

"The tenor of the fans is as equal as it was when they lost to the Jets at home in the playoffs a couple years ago," Hamilton said on "XX 1090 Sports Radio" Monday.  "Fans are furious.  Furious at the general manager, they don't want the coach."

In their road game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chargers had the ball on the 15 yard line and were set to win the game with a short field goal.

But as the offense was running one last play to run down the clock, all-pro quarterback Phillip Rivers botched the snap, fumbled the ball with the Chiefs recovering.  The Chiefs won with a field goal of their own in overtime.

"It was weird, but it is the NFL," Hamilton said.  "I think it's a bigger picture than just a botched fumble.   They've gone from two playoff wins to one playoff win to no playoff wins to out of the playoffs."

The Fox 5 Facebook page has been inundated with about 100 comments regarding the loss.  Most have been critical of head coach Norv Turner and some have even turned on the normally very popular Phillip Rivers.  

"The franchise was not what it was when Marty Schottenheimer was here," Hamilton said.  "I think it's going in the wrong direction.  Fans have never forgotten that this franchise went 14-2 and then ran Marty Schottenheimer out of here."

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