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Artist, couples kiss statue goodbye

SAN DIEGO—A local artist is inviting couples to meet in front of the "Unconditional Surrender" sculpture Saturday morning to reenact the statue’s iconic pose.

The photographer known as Michael RealPeople is calling it the “Big Kiss-Off,” he’s organizing a group picture to commemorate that statue’s final moments in San Diego.

“Somebody else may own it on paper, but it’s been a representation of us and our military for five years,” RealPeople said.

"Unconditional Surrender" has been on loan from the Sculpture Foundation in Santa Monica, Calif. since February 2007.

“Everybody here in San Diego is a little bit upset that the statue is going to be leaving us,” RealPeople said.

The photo shoot is scheduled to take place in front of the statue Saturday February 18 at 8:15 a.m.

The Port of San Diego is expected to make its decision in the next week.

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