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What's Going Around: Flu-like symptoms, ear infections and allergies

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Here’s what’s going around this week in the Ozarks.

At Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Allergist Dr. Gregory Lux says grass pollen has hit hard.

This allergy causes hay fever symptoms of sneezing and itching and can also cause asthma or give a person hives.

Mercy is also seeing an increase in people coming in with flu like symptoms.

In Christian County ear infections are going around.

Doctors at the CoxHealth Center in Nixa are also seeing flu like symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea and people complaining about deep coughs.

In Wright County at the Ozark Family Health Center in Mountain Grove, Dr. Michael Ball says he is seeing a lot of infections from allergies.

That includes upper respiratory illnesses and sinus infections.

Luckily there is some over the counter medicines that will give allergy sufferers some relief.

“Antihistamines are usually the first people go to,” says Mindy Kendrick with the Ozarks Community Hospital. “They block that histamine response which produces the symptoms and there are decongestants which can help the stuffy nose and swelling of the nasal passageway.”

Lately, farmers are a big chunk of the patients getting help for their allergies.

Doctors say they are having a rough time with haying from mold and the grass pollen blowing around.

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