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New Storm Warnings

National Weather ServiceJoplin Tornado (2011)

The National Weather Service has developed a new way to warn you of severe weather approaching.

We all remember what happened almost 2 years ago in Joplin. 158 people we killed when an EF-5 tornado struck the town - making it the deadliest since record keeping began. After the storm, meteorologists and government officials got together to figure out a way to prevent so many deaths from happening. What they came up with was impact based warnings or IBW's.

Meteorologist Doug Cramer from the NWS in Springfield says it's all about communication. "The National Weather Service is communicating more effectively to the public by using impact based warnings," Cramer explains. "Our warnings essentially haven't changed, it's the communication within the warning has been adjusted a little bit [which] makes it much more easily absorbed for the public to understand."

These new IBW warnings are designed to get your attention. And while it is still experimental, they're being tested across the country.

For more information on how IBW's are more specific about Tornado Warnings, click on the video.



Impact Based Warnings Experimental Product


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