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"Super Moon" Visible on Cinco de Mayo

SupermoonCinco de Mayo

PORTLAND, Ore. -- If your weekend plans include snapping photos of the full moon, you are in luck: not only will the weather cooperate, the moon is actually a "super moon" this month. 


The "super moon" phenomenon means the moon appears about 20% bigger in the night sky, though the moon isn’t any bigger than usual, according to NW32TV Chief Meteorologist Tim Joyce. It's the closest the moon is to the Earth all year, an event also known as “perigee.”


Historically, people have blamed the full moon for all sorts of wacky events: crime, accidents, mental disorders, etc. The word "lunacy" itself comes from the Latin word "luna," meaning "moon." But according to, the Moon is less influential than folklore would have us believe, and scientific studies show no relation between strange occurrences and the phases of the moon.


"If you want to see the moon at the best position for photographic purposes, you’ll want to catch it when it is coming over the horizon," Tim Joyce said. "In that position, not only will the moon have more color, it’s also framed against familiar items -- like trees and buildings on the horizon -- and will look much larger than it will when it is right overhead."


The last "super moon" occurred on March 19th, 2011.


--Sabina Urdes/NW32TV

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