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Snoop Dogg 'reincarnated' into Lion

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Cat’s outta the bag! Rapper Snoop Dogg is now... a lion!?!

We haven’t been this confused since Prince turned his name into a symbol, and Puff Daddy turned to P. Diddy turned to Diddy!

Snoop’s 'reincarnation' happened after he went on a spiritual journey to Jamaica.

At a Rastafarian temple, a high priest suggested he’s a lion.

Geez, Snoop! whatcha been smokin’?

We’ve heard of going on the 'Bob Marley tour' in Jamaica...but this is ridiculous!

"I've got rap songs that will never die, and that ain’t with no disrespect, but I’m tired of rapping," said Snoop in his upcoming documentary, "Reincarnated".

"I didn’t just wanna come here, say I made a record in Jamaica and grew some dread locks. Rostafari called me."

Alright, Snoop.

'Lion' it is...we just hope you’re not 'lion' to us!

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