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Penn State emails could be trouble for officials

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Now that the Penn State perv is behind bars, you'd think the university would begin to focus on a brighter future. A string of questionable emails, however, are raising questions about what school officials knew about Jerry Sandusky's 2001 "shower incident," and whether or not they tried to cover it up!

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier, former university Vice President Gary Schultz and former athletic director, Tim Curley are the head-honchos in question. Emails sent from Spanier reveal officials allegedly knew they had a problem with Sandusky, but decided to handle it using a "humane" approach, before contacting authorities! Keep in mind this "humane" approach made it possible for Sandusky to go on and sexually assault four more boys before being convicted on June 22nd.

Even worse? In the messages, Spanier allegedly acknowledges his inaction made Penn State "vulnerable" for not reporting the shower incident. In true "I watch C.S.I. So I know how to get away with crime" fashion, the alleged emails never mention Sandusky by name. Cuz if ya don't say it, the cops will never know who you're talking about!

They allegedly referred to Sandusky as "the subject" or "the person," and dubbed children Sandusky brought on campus as "guests."

If the emails do exist, the men, and we use that term loosely, could be at risk for not disclosing the matter to authorities. Schultz and Curley are currently charged with perjury for allegedly lying to a grand jury and failing to report child abuse. They've pleaded not guilty. And we didn't think it could get much worse than Sandusky.

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