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Online Dish: Do You Swallow? Fear Factor Pulls the Plug on Episode Where Contestants Chug Donkey Semen

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You've seen contestants eat worms, or be locked in a coffin, but now NBC's reality show Fear Factor may have gone too far.

In fact, they have pulled a controversial episode off the schedule. In the segment twins were challenged to drink donkey semen and chase it with urine.

They had to drink both glasses and not vomit or else they would have to start all over again.

The stomach churning segment called "Hee Haw!" was apparently filmed last summer and was set to air on last night.

Instead the network opted for a repeat.

The Fear Factor contestants who actually completed the challenge are ticked. According to TMZ they said it was "the hardest 15 minutes of my life."

Twins Brynne and Claire Odioso called into the Cowhead show to describe the experience in graphic detail.

TMZ reports:

According to Claire, producers left the semen sitting out all day in the hot sun -- and by the time she got to drinking it, it was boiling hot ... which made the smell unbearable.

Claire said it was extremely bitter going down ... "with hints of hay" -- and she vomited several times before successfully drinking the entire glass.

As for how the donkey stuff compares to the human variety -- Claire added, "It's a lot thicker."

What do you think about this competition? Would you do it? Has reality TV gone too far?

Viewers serve up their thoughts:

George writes on Facebook: to far, besides being sick. The fact they can get really sick from something like that do to disease is way to much of a risk. The producer should be fired.

Claudio writes on Facebook: ‎@ george, good idea. But the real problem is all reality tv trying to have the biggest shock value. I havent seen fear factor in yrs and just recently i caught an episode of the contestants having to eat maggots, blood and rat hair tortilla chips....ridiculous. They should just get it over with and let the players eat live bunny rabbits and human babies.

@13BeatKing tweets: Absolutely not @MaggiesWorld !(0_o)! I can't believe that's legal!!! Smh

@VanillaYumYum tweets: @maggiesworld definitely too far! Sorry but Id drop out of the contest right there.

@LoverlyLondie tweets: @maggiesworld that is utterly disgusting that they would make people even do a stunt like that!!!!

@TonyMuckleroy tweets: @maggiesworldI just swallowed after throwing upa little in my mouth! lol 

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