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Wristband 'Linsanity' arrives to Lakewood Church in Houston

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Remember those classic Air Jordan Nike commercials in the late 1980s?

How about the one where Spike Lee asks, "Do you know who the best player in the game is? Do you know, do you know, do you know?" standing on Michael Jordan's shoulders next to the basketball rim.

Obviously Lee was referring to Jordan at the time.

If Lee had to do the commercial again he, and most NBA fans, would probably tell you the best player in the league is Jeremy Lin, at least for now.

Lin, a former Knicks bench warmer, is relishing his newfound NBA stardom.

Have you noticed the "In Jesus Name I Play" wristband Lin wears?

The idea came from two Lakewood Church members: former Houston Cougars basketball sensation, Lanny Smith, and Minnesota Timberwolves forward, Anthony Tolliver.

"I've known Jeremy before all of this 'Linsanity'," Smith, the Active Faith founder and CEO, said smiling. "[I've] known him for about a year now and have been talking with him for several months about being part of Active Faith."

Smith said Lin was receptive to the idea of wearing the Active Faith wristband before all of this attention.

"When he was released from the [Golden State] Warriorsand the Rockets picked him up, we were able to connect. We were excited about him being here in Houston with the brand being based here in Houston, and then the Rockets let him go."

What was Rockets general manager Daryl Morey thinking by letting Lin go?

Lin is getting the last laugh.

"It's been great to see a good person like him, who is open about his faith have the success that he's had," said Smith.

The Harvard graduate is enjoying some serious basketball success with his wrist of faith.

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