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Happy Endings

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Never has a happy ending tasted so good.

"It's delicious," one lady said after biting into a French fry from the Happy Endings Asian Fusion food truck.

The truck serves hot dogs piled high with Asian toppings.  

"Our hotdogs are 100 percent beef, and we bake our own sweet Hawaiian bread daily," said Emily Ng. "We also have eggrolls that are homemade; they're Shanghai eggrolls."

She and her husband Ryan opened the food truck in January after seeing the growing trend in cities like Austin.

"The most popular hot dog in the city is our BDL. We have sriracha, cream cheese, kimchi, bacon bits, Japanese mayo and green onions," said Ryan of their top selling dog.

Another high profile item is "the Bun B BBQ Pork Bun, which has BBQ pork inside steamed bread and then we deep fry it," Ryan shared.

Chew on this. This family run business is serving up some juicy sausage, but it's the name that's really getting it noticed.

"I'm driving down the freeway people honk the horn, take a picture of it while we're moving, try to stop us in traffic it draws a lot of attention," Ryan said of his truck which is also a fusion of Asian designs.

What do you expect when you give your hot dog truck a name like Happy Endings.

'I saw it and I laughed. It definitely draws your attention," said one customer as she stood waiting for her food.

By this point we're sure your mind is in the gutter, so we'll clarify. The owners say it doesn't mean what you're thinking."

"Basically, when we first opened up we wanted to serve to the club scene, and we were going to try to end people's night with a happy ending, get you sobered up, get some food in you and get you safely home," Ryan explained.

Maybe then you'll find the "happy ending" you were looking for.

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