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Vampire Facelift: The Sequel

Lona Dion looked in the mirror one day and decided she wanted to look like she did a few years ago.

The former model knew she didn't want facial fillers, Botox or anything that she felt might make her look fake"At this point in my life," Lona said the day of the procedure. "I just want to look a little bit younger."

So she turned to Dr. Jeffery Caruth who performed a 'Vampire Facelift.'

Lona's blood was drawn--then spun down to separate the blood from plasma--the plasma is activated with a calcium product and then re-injected to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

It took eight weeks but now Lona feels like she's once again in full bloom.

She remembers the very moment she noticed.

"I woke up that day and looked in the mirror that day and thought, okay, now I'm 100%," Lona said.

Lona said the fine lines above her lip are gone and the skin under her eyes is now plump.

A friend commented that she looked like she did when they first met--which was ten years ago.

Another friend--Carolyn Lee Jones wondered what Lona had gotten herself into--but not anymore.

"The thing I was so impressed about is it didn't look like there was any major surgery going on at all," Carolyn said. "I looked at her said you just look really refreshed."

And that's the look Lona was looking for--but warns that she did have some bruising and swelling for about two weeks.

"This is definitely not a lunchtime procedure," Lona said. "This is something that I would advise anyone if they are curious about it to schedule about two weeks that they really don't have to be anywhere."

But Lona said it was well worth it.

Dr. Caruth said the benefits will last for years and at $1500.00 considerably less expensive than procedures that need repeating.

At 57--Lona's fountain of youth was coursing through her own veins.

"I don't really mind getting old," Lona said. "But gosh, do we have to start looking old?"

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