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UT campus threat rattles Longhorn parents

Gino Guzman got a sinking feeling when his daughter called from the University of Texas campus to tell him that she was evacuating. 

“I just had to say a quick prayer and hope that it was a hoax,” Guzman said from the Dallas high rise, where he was working. 

Guzman says his daughter, Tori was on her way to class in Austin when she was alerted to the possibility there could be bombs on campus. He says having so many miles between them, didn’t help. 

“Being so far away, you just try to stay calm and try to make her stay calm.” 

Guzman says he spent most of the following minutes glued to news reports. He says he was more concerned about the safety of his only child than answering questions about who and why. He also realized this kind of threat never crossed his mind. 

“Terrorism isn’t something that we think about to have them look out for, but maybe times are changing.” 

This Dad was especially glad that his daughter would soon be home. 

“I probably won’t let her go for hours.”  

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