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The Josh Hamilton Story: From the Baseball Diamond to the Silver Screen?

Josh Hamilton--baseball superstar and potential box office smash. Actor-director Casey Affleck is earmarked to write and direct the movie about the Ranger sluggers life--from present stardom to checkered past.

The Rangers released a statement on behalf of the Hamilton family which stated: "While they are not involved in the actual Hollywood pitching process the Hamilton's will be an integral part if the films creative process."

It's a movie his teammates would like to see, including Mitch Moreland.

"He has a great story," Moreland said. "It's a great story for kids, he's a good role model."

Many Rangers fans admit that while they come to see the team play one player sells the ticket.

"Josh Hamilton," Carrie Williams said.

Now for the million dollar question: Who should play Josh Hamilton?

Matthew McConaughey's name came up more than once.

Rangers manager Ron Washington knows a thing or two about movies--he was portrayed in the Brad Pitt movie "Moneyball."

"Hope it works out," Washington said as he began to chuckle. "I he needs someone to play a part it it I'd be happy to do it!"

If the proposed movie performs at the box office the way Josh Hamilton does on the playing field--think home run.

Young fan Blake Alexander thinks long-ball.

"Because he's an awesome person," Blake said. "And a great baseball player."

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