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Aces And Angels Video

The Super Bowl Festivities are in full swing despite the weather. While at the media center, two of Dallas' greatest athletes gave us their input.

"The attraction of Jerry's World will make people still come in and still get out, " says NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin. Texas Rangers co-owner Nolan Ryan said, "What we hope is that we have a great game and the weather's good and everybody has a good time."

The ice surely didn't dampen the spirits of the soldiers waiting to meet Gene Simmons at the Aces and Angels party. Celebrities and Athletes alike turned out to support the Vegas style fundraiser. Lisa Endicott, event organizer stated, "What a better time to say this is how we treat our citizens and what we think about our troops and what they’ve done for us." There was even support from our own Dallas Cowboys. Of course I had to ask the most obvious question.

I asked Dallas Cowboy Sam Hurd, "How are you feeling about the Super Bowl?" Hurd answered, "I'm excited, it's in Dallas. A lot of people are here." Tashard Choice, Dallas Cowboy running back said, "We gotta get back to our ground one and get ourselves back in the playoffs. It's been a tough year. Probably the hardest one I ever had, but you know we'll work on it." For the most part regardless of the ice, people are managing to slide on into see their favorite celebs and support their favorite charities.

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