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Skype and Facetime Ready? Video Chat close-up too close for comfort

Jennifer Styers gets to work from home--she's a life and relationship coach.

Clients come to her and as a nationally known expert she does television interviews everywhere from her couch via Skype.

Jennifer didn't like the way she looked on Skype or other video chat services like iPhones Facetime.

Soon after she started Skyping she started Botoxing.

"The Botox helps,” Jennifer said. “I mean it definitely helps so that you don't have to be so self-conscious about expressions and grimacing and angles and thinks like that."

An estimated 3 million Americans work from home full time which means there is a lot of Skyping  and Factime going on and with less than perfect lighting and tiny cameras on computers this it can be tough to look good.

And it's not just Botox--at the National Laser Institute in Dallas, Texas clients also request facial fillers and laser procedures.

Spa manager Sandra Nash said some clients are just commuting from their bedroom to the living room but they still have to look good during teleconference meetings and video chats.

"The majority of them would tell you that even though they are not physically presenting yourself in an office you are still presenting yourself to the public wherever that may be," Nash said.

Minimally invasive procedures offer less downtime than surgery which is important if your next close-up is also your next workday—say a Monday morning.

Nash says that for many clients it’s less about Facetime and more about game face.

As for Jennifer—she no longer worries as much about camera angles and poor living room lighting.

She describes herself as a confident person but Botox makes her even more confident.

"If it makes you feel better to have those things done and you're self-conscious you're not putting your best foot forward, you're not being yourself," Jennifer said.

Now the love coach’s relationship with video chatting is more love than hate.

"Any little thing that helps,” Jennifer said. “Is great."


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