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Piano Teacher Accuses Deion Sanders of Threats Before Court Hearing

Justice SystemDeion Sanders

Friday was day two of Sanders vs. Sanders in Collin County Court.  Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders, have both been charged with assault. The hearing is over a protective order he filed against her.  But Deion could face a criminal mischief charge for destroying potential evidence. Now, yet another charge may be looming.

“I have a gag order, so I can`t talk to y’all,” said Deion Sanders.

Pilar Sanders gave us an update on her the sling around her arm. “Quite painful,” she said.

All parties were mum leaving court Friday.

“The Judge extended the gag order to the criminal case, so I`m going to honor that gag order,” said Pilar Sander`s Attorney Peter Schulte.

Much of the day's testimony involved one woman: a piano teacher to the Sander's three young kids. Thomas said she's known the family for nine years.

Things started off with new allegations against Deion.  On the stand, Thomas said Deion threatened her on the way in to court today.

Thomas testified Deion said: “I`m going to get you today”

She started crying and said: “First, I couldn`t believe what I just heard. I was scared.”

But Deion`s lawyers, with him before court, testified in his defense. Pilar's lawyers say they're sending a witness tampering case against Deion to the District Attorney.

From there, Thomas went on to say she was at the Sanders home on April 23, the day of the highly- publicized big fight. She said she heard Pilar scream from the master bedroom, heard Deion yell 'Get out of my house' , along with  the sound of smashing glass. Thomas says Prosper Police never took her statement, even after she contacted them.

“I told the truth,” said Thomas.

Next up was a housekeeper named Tita Montoya.  Montoya said a year ago she witnessed Pilar discipline her son with a belt. Says the son was hiding from Pilar, because he was scared of her.

She said Deion is more affectionate with the kids. She said Pilar has been more upset and aggressive since the divorce started.

Deion and Pilar are both yet to take the stand. There`s still more than a dozen witnesses to be called.

Deion`s first wife, mother to his two oldest children, could be one of them.

“He`s a good person. He does good things in the community. He loves his children and that`s the only reason I`m here to support him, because I have Deion & Deiondra,” said Deion`s Ex-Wife Carolyn Sanders. The hearing will resume first thing Monday morning.

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Justice SystemDeion Sanders