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MTV Movie Awards Highlights

Rain, The hangover, and Harry Potter all took home the gold popcorn at the MTV movie awards. (WEB)But the big winner of the night was Twilight, with six awards: Best Movie, Best Male and Female Performance, Global Superstar, And Best Kiss. Pattinson and Stewart almost repeated the kiss live, but only got very close.

Other couples did show their affection when MTV let loose a kiss cam in the audience.Lovers Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were a little hesitant, but Russell Brand and Jonah Hill went all out.

Also a hot topic online is the amount of bleeps the broadcast used:100 swears in two hours, which is more than one per minute. The network received criticism for not catching all the profanity on time. MTV responded with this statement:

"The MTV Movie Awards is a live televised event known for irreverent comedy and a party atmosphere where our guests speak more freely than they otherwise might. While we aired the live broadcast with a delay, we were unable to mute every word that some might find objectionable. All of these words will be muted in subsequent airings.We sincerely apologize to those in our audience who were offended by any objectionable words that might have slipped by for the live airing."

A much talked about performance is Tom Cruise as Les Grosssman, impressing the audience with his dance moves.Bloggers are calling him a dance machine after getting funky on stage with Jennifer Lopez.

But the most talked about performance on the web: Christina Aguilera. Who wore her heart at a different place: her crotch. She had a red blinking heart underneath her clothes during her songs.

All in all, the night had plenty of memorable moments.

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