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Plastic Surgery & Men: A Little 'Brotox' now no Big Deal

Chuck Bennington is one of those guys--who didn't want to be one of those guys--who let themselves go.

Chuck figured it was one of those pay me now or pay me a lot more--later moments.

"You don't work on the car until the engine is blown," Chuck rationalized. "You put oil in it, you know, you maintain it."

That's a manly analogy for saying that at the ripe old age of 26 Chuck decided to have Botox.

"I'm probably the last one you would expect to actually get it," Chuck said. "I didn't think there was any place for anybody as young as I am to go in there and she is like, no."

She is fiancee' Vanessa Sisson who is also a technician at Robert Anderson Medical Spa in Fort Worth, Texas.

Vanessa sees first-hand the value of face value which is often prompted by the guys' significant other.

"I think that maybe the wives, they are learning from the women," Vanessa said. "Hey, if we start this early we're doing maintenance; we're preventing these wrinkles from getting really deep, we maintain the look of our skin without having to go to these drastic measures later on."

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Botox injections in men rose 9% last year--soft tissue fillers 10%--dermabrasion and laser hair removal both jumped 4%.

Vanessa said the growth isn't all about vanity--it's also about the economy.

"If you look the part then you are more likely to keep the job, get the job, keep the client," Vanessa said. "I think that is behind a lot of it as well."

Chuck's before photo shows a furrowed brow--before the Botox treatment--his after photo shows the lines in his forehead are gone.

"I think its preventative maintenance," Chuck said. "It's something I see me doing in regular intervals for the rest of my life."

And retain the looks of an older model yet well maintained car.

"Ruggedly handsome," Chuck said. "That's all I can ever aspire to."

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