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New Lower Greenville Hours Take Effect


In just a few hours a whole new set of rules kick in for businesses on Lower Greenville in Dallas. A new City of Dallas ordinance requiring businesses, on Lowest Greenville from Belmont Avenue down, to have an approved extended hours permit stakes effect at midnight. Some are ready, some are in a state of flux and others just plan to try their luck.

The folks at The Service Bar plan to keep serving up drinks until two am all weekend.

"We`ll be open tonight business as usual," said The Service Bar manager Carl Piggre. But it was a close call. They`re application for an extended hours permit was denied.

"Because we had too many PI`s public intoxication they said," said Piggre.

But The Service Bar filed a lawsuit against the city and was granted a 10 -day injunction early this morning; Some temporary relief for employees.

" They're really happy but for 10 days that still doesn't make them real happy, they don't know what's going on," said Piggre.

Leaders in the neighborhood say only a dozen or so businesses actually have the needed permit.

" Twelve or 13 businesses were approved all the way up to the city council to stay open up to midnight," said Lower Greenville activist Avi Adleman.

And they say some haven't even applied.

"You`ve got a couple businesses that never bothered to file that plan to push their luck and get a ticket," said Adleman.

The City of Dallas says it will be on patrolling the area tonight looking for businesses in violation.

"We will be issuing citations tonight if there are some establishments that are not in compliance with this special use permit," said Dallas Police Department Lt. Thomas Castro.

Lt. Castro says cited business won't chained up or forced to shut down. But the citations will continue to pile up until they go to court.

The Service Bar doesn't know what its future holds, but whatever it is, they say they're in it for the long haul.

"We`re not leaving," said Piggre.

The folks at service bar say they still have five years left on their lease. And they say it's critical to their bottom line to stay open until 2 a.m.

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