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Kennedale Tornado Survivor Dies While Sleeping

The tornadoes may have passed, but Terrie Koehler's family is still battling the storms. As the saying goes, "When it rains, it pours" and in this story, that rings true.

“I’m trying to get momentos – this is my daughter’s first baby shoe, mother’s day cards...” says tornado victim, Terrie Koehler.

Just three days ago, Koehler was cleaning up what the destructive tornado left behind at her trailer home in Kennedale.

“This was my home. It wasn’t much. But it was all I had,” says Koehler. 

She also had a family- family that just days later is now mourning her death. Koehler's sister, Susie Solaiz, who lives in San Antonio, says she died Wednesday evening--Koehler's birthday--in her sleep.

“We were all just in shock from the devastation of the tornado, we couldn’t imagine that it could get any worse,” Susie Solaiz. 

She leaves behind two children, Corey and Jennifer Koehler, who say it's just too hard to put emotions into words right now.

“She was a great person, she loved animals. She loves her children, they were world,” says Solaiz. 

And neighbors tell us they are saddened to hear the news.

“Terry, she was a real sweet lady, always had to say 'Hi', you know, when I came out to get my car whatever, she was always talkin’ to you,” says neighbor Kim Dan. 

Solaiz says she had a blood disorder, but doesn't know the cause of death yet. Because of the storm, family is searching to determine whether or not she had life insurance.

“We just don’t know because everything was taken by the tornado,” says Solaiz. 

But one piece of Koehler's memorobilia was found: more than 30 miles away in Grapevine in Julie Tiedemann's backyard.

“It was soaking wet, and I kind peeled it back just like this, and it looked official,” says Tiedemann. 

It was her son, Corey's, report card from 1999. And after watching CW33's initial report on Koehler, Tiedemann knew where it came from.

“And I knew this was probably going to be important to her, you know somehow, some way, even if I hadn’t seen the report, I was gonna make sure I found her,” says Tiedemann.

She now plans to mail the card back to Koehler's family with hopes that it will bring them a sense of comfort. 


Terrie Koehler Funeral Details:



Blessing Funeral Home in Mansfield

Wednesday, April 11th

5 to 7 p.m.



Blessing Funeral Home in Mansfield

Thursday, April 12th

12 p.m.



DFW National Cemetery

Thursday, April 12th

2:30 p.m.


Donation Details:

Chase Account set up to raise money for funeral costs: 3029438867

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