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Expect Tighter Security at Cowboys Stadium

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If you're heading to the Cowboys' home opener Monday night, plan to get there early. The NFL is beefing up security this year, and added security will mean an added wait.

At Sunday's Rally Day at Cowboys Stadium, fans were ready for Monday's home opener.

This is a really big game. Whenever we play the (Red)skins, it's a good game. I'm really looking forward to it," said Mark Moya, who drove to DFW from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sunday was his first time to the stadium.

Fans from all over the country and the continent. The Liftshitz's are in town from Mexico.

"First time in Dallas, and first time at Cowboys Stadium," said Mauricio Lifshitz.

"Just excited to be here and watch them play," said Melissa Marquez, who came from Albuquerque with Moya.

Sunday, they got the chance to see the field first-hand. Once the team hits the turf, the NFL wants to make sure the fans get what they want. With tightened security, it wants to make sure they get it safely.

You might remember the taser attack at the Cowboys - Jets game two weeks ago. NFL officials say the added security is not a result of recent fan violence.

"We like, very much, the security that you have in the United States. We are from Mexico, and we don't have the same security as you do in the United States, So we like it very much," said Lifshitz.

Security will be doing be more extensive pat-downs at the gates. That means more time in line, waiting to get in.

Stadium officials say arrive early. The parking lots open at 3:30, and gates open at 5:30. Kickoff is at 7:30 Monday night.

Fans we spoke with say a longer wait is a small price to pay to see the first home game of America's team.

"I went through some crazy stuff at the airport, so I'm good with this," laughed Marquez.

Pat downs at NFL stadiums won't be as thorough as the TSA screenings. Security will check fans from the waist-up, and between their ankles and knees.

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FootballNFLCowboys StadiumDallas CowboysNew York Jets