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Emmitt's Hall Of Fame Ending

Webster Dictionary describes "A Sure Thing" as an outcome that is certain or assured. It's a phrase that best describes Emmitt Smith's election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Emmitt was drafted in 1990... 20 years ago... 16 teams passed him up. The Cowboys had the 17th pick and the rest is history.

"What a ride," Smith said. "You talking about dreaming of becoming a Dallas Cowboy, Jerry Jones buys the team in 1989, brings me on in 90, we win super bowls, then I become the all-time leading rusher for the team I always wanted to play for and now I'm going into the hall of fame as a Dallas Cowboy - what more can I ask for."

Smith will become the 12 Cowboy inducted into the hall of fame and the final member of the triplets to get in.Troy Aikman went in 2006 and Michael Irvin in 2007. Smith says both have prepared him well for his big day in Canton.

"Mostly all the information was around the speech," Smith said. "just think about the people you want to thank and the stories you want to tell."

Smith says the hardest part of this process was choosing a speaker to introduce him. Smith consider Daryl "moose" Johnston who laid his body on the line every Sunday to open up holes for Emmitt to run through... But after a lot of thought, Smith decided to give the honor to Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones.

"I went with a guy in my heart that I felt God placed there," Smith said. "He's done so much for me. He gave me my first job. So when I sat back and weighed it all, I realized that the man is part of my destiny."

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