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Economy Driving 20-somethings To Get Cosmetic Procedures

For Dallas realtor Holly Fabiani, work is everything. In this tough economy and her competitive industry, she's using every advantage to get ahead. Holly Fabiani says, "If I don't look good when I first meet a client, they're going to turn away immediately."

That's why the 25-year-old is spending about $4,000 a year on cosmetic procedures. It's an investment she says is already paying dividends. Fabiani says, "I've had several people tell me that I chose to work with you. Your personality's great and you look great."

Dallas Dr. Bill Johnson says he and other physicians are seeing an increase in women under the age of 30 seeking age-related cosmetic procedures traditionally done by women in their 40's and 50's. He says about half of all his female clients and almost all his male clients come in not because of vanity, but because of the economy.

Dr. Bill Johnson says, "They want to be viewed within their job and their workplace as being young and energetic." SMU professor and Consumer Behavior Expert Dan Howard says the importance of self-esteem can't be underestimated. Dan Howard says, "Just simply how you look at yourself and how you feel about yourself radiates. Other people pick it up. They know when you're feeling good about yourself and they know when you are not."

For 28-year-old ultrasound technician Kavitha Wiebe, a few hundred dollars worth of Botox every six months is a small price to pay for a better image of herself. Kavitha Wiebe says, "It's very important because of the economy being bad and when people are sick they're down and out and it's nice to have a happy, confident person around them."

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