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Jason Alexander and Courtney Stodden Team up for 'Funny or Die?' Video

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Here we  go…”Child Bride” Courtney Stodden is at it again with help from former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander,  husband Doug Hutchinson, and “The Donny Clay Show”.

As you are well aware, 17-year-old Courtney Stodden has been a center of national media attention ever since she married 51-year-old ‘Lost’ star Doug Hutchinson at the young age of 16.

 Many are outraged about Stoddens’ marriage to the man exactly 3 times her age, some are intrigued, and others are simply grossed out. But the distracting Stodden is used to her unusual interviews and knows how to make fun of herself and her plastic appearance.

In another attempt to maintain her spot in the limelight, The bleach blonde acts as though she is the featured guest on the premiere episode of the fictional talk show "The Donny Clay Show" starring Jason Alexander.

The sketch begins with a brief introduction of the fully haired host played by Alexander and is described as "America's fourth leading life coach, self-help guru and motivational master; the man with the answers."

Clay then attends to Stodden and her husband Hutchinson, who Donny mistakenly refers to him as her father. "So you two kids are married, are ya?" he asks. "Courtney, you were a 17-year-old bride?" Stodden corrects him, "16." "Holy s---. We'll edit that out," says Alexander as Donny Clay.

The dysfunctional couple is apparently there to receive much needed relationship coaching from talk show host Clay. In the following scene, Courtney strips into her bathing suit in an obviously cold studio. Clay then proceeds to take  photos of Stodden and subjects her to an on-air boob ultrasound using her chest to test his iPhone app to access the quality of her “heart”.

Clay  then basically spends the remainder of the show continuing to  hit on Stodden while Hutchison simply looks on like her proud daddy – I mean -- husband.

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Jason AlexanderTalk Shows (genre)Apple iPhoneDoug Hutchison