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Judge Hands Deion Sanders Child Support Payment Order

Deion and Pilar Sanders spent the day in Collin County Court Tuesday. The estranged couple came to a child custody agreement and the judge handed Deion a child support order.

Deion Sanders didn't have anything to say as he left court Tuesday evening. It was just moments after a judge order him to pay Pilar Sanders $10550 a month in child support. He also has to make a $3500 monthly mortgage payment on a home in Celina and pay Pilar's lawyers $275,000.

Pilar Sanders told the court she believes the Sanders estate is worth $250-million-dollars.

She was asking for $24,000 a month in child support payments to cover a long list of expenses.

“It's not about amount. It's about what's best for the children and they're safety, so I'm very happy about that,” said Pilar Sanders.

The estranged couple agreed Deion Sanders will maintain custody of their two boys until school let's our, Pilar their girl. But Pilar will get sole custody of all three throughout the summer until the parties meet again in early August.

“I’m very proud of the parents, they were able to reach an agreement with regards to parenting time for their three children,” said Sanders Kids' Attorney Jeffery Shore.

The media was asked to leave for part of the day's proceedings.  Deion Sanders also agreed to continue paying the kids’ health insurance & medical costs, as well as for their clothes and extra circular activities.

I think they've been way over exposed to the battle between their mom and dad and hopefully because mom and dad were able to reach an agreement today that battle will calm down,” said Shore,

On the stand, Deion Sanders also tested that his estranged wife had removed six pods of items from their Prosper mansion, including a special artifact given to him by the Bishop TD Jakes.

The judge order Pilar Sanders to return the item by June 1. The rest of their divorce will continue through arbitration.

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