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Court Docs Detail Pilar Sanders' $200M Lawsuit Against Former Cowboy Deion Sanders

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He’s in the NFL Hall of Fame and has called North Texas home since his days as a standout player on the Dallas Cowboys. But now it seems Deion Sanders is battle of a different kind. Court documents are shedding light on a multi-million dollar suit filed against him by his wife.

Deion Sanders has filed for divorce from his wife Pilar Sanders.  On February 20, she filed a hefty lawsuit in Collin County Court.

She’s requesting a jury trial and says Deion Sanders, and other members of his family, called her degrading names and much, much more.

Pilar Sander has slapped Deion Sanders with a $200- million-dollar lawsuit. The suit calls for $50-million- dollars in actual damages and $150-million-dollars in exemplary damages.

The suit claims Pilar Sanders suffered:  “severe personal injuries, emotional, abuse, mental distress and physical and financial damages,” it reads.

Pilar's suit says it was all at the hands of Deion Sanders, and his daughter from a previous marriage, Deiondra Sanders. A string of Deiondra's tweets are included in the suit as exhibit one. Documents claim Deiondra's tweets were libel and slander.

Referring to Deion Sanders, one sentence reads:

“He publically endorsed Deiondra`s false statements proclaimed that Deiondra was 'only defending her father' and then tweeted to the world that he was 'tired of all Pilar`s lies and foolishness'

The filing goes on to say: “this suit is the vehicle through which the Plaintiff can recover for the unlawful acts of Deiondra and the other Defendants.'

Pilar also filed an earlier suit against Deion Sander and a Laura Jones. She says the defendants in the case orchestrated an ambush and physical assault.

It reads: “At that point, Defendant Jones squared off and took a swing at Plaintiff hitting her in the eye. Defendant Jones continued to hit, slap, punch, choke, push and kick Plaintiff.”

It then goes on to say Defendant Jones grabbed a hard object and repeatedly struck the Plaintiff all over her body.

 The suit says Deion told Pilar he would 'ruin her', 'expose her' and 'destroy her'

We were unable to reach Deion Sanders’ attorney or public relations representatives for comment.

I did speak with Pilar’s attorney on the phone and he says all his client wants to do is clear her good name.

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Justice SystemDeion SandersDallas Cowboys