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New Booty Lift: Brazilian Thread Lift Makes Backside Perky

Sylvia Williams is on a quest for better buns. She wants what time and gravity have taken away.

She remembers a time in her 20's when everything--including her booty--was exactly where she wanted it to be.

"I'm not looking for the obnoxious look," Sylvia said. "I used to be a gym bunny and my nickname was buns and I had perky buns back then and now I'm a little older and it's not quite as perky and I want to be a little perky."Dr. Bill Johnson may have just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Johnson said he's one of only three doctors in the United States offering the Brazilian Thread Lift.

"Previous thread lifts have gone through the muscle and consequently when you sit and move they've been uncomfortable," Dr. Johnson said. "This one goes through fat and keeps it from being uncomfortable."

It's a two part procedure.

Dr. Johnson makes a small incision just above the fold between the buttocks where 4 to 6 threads with a series of knots covered by a special cone are inserted.

The patient returns three months later after fibers have attached to the threads allowing Dr. Johnson to tighten the threads and lift the butt.

"We actually just go back into the same place we initially put in the sutures," Dr. Johnson said. "At that time we tighten and pull it up as much as we want or need for that particular patient."

Dr. Johnson said patients request the Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez look but he suggests going for the look that fits their body shape or style.

Sylvia hasn't had her second procedure yet so there is no before and after pictures but photographs of other patients show a distinct backside lift.

It's exactly the perky Sylvia wants.

"If I didn't get a very dramatic look and just a little bit of a lift and just a little bit of narrow with a better shape," Sylvia said. "That would be sufficient for me."

Sylvia will have her booty lifted next month.

The procedure costs about $3,000.00--not including Sylvia's new swim suit.

"In fact," Sylvia said with a laugh. "I'm going to have one custom made."

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