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Woman takes ecstasy, becomes paranoid and falls from hotel's 27th floor

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a 22-year-old woman from Lake Stevens died June 11 after falling from her 27th floor hotel room.

Emily McCaughan, a pre-med student at the University of Arizona, had traveled to Vegas for the three-day Electric Daisy Carnival. The Review-Journal reported that she had taken ecstasy and that she had “paranoid delusions.”

Mignonne Walstad, who spoke to the paper on behalf of the family, said she “wanted everyone to know that drugs were responsible for [Emily’s] death” and added that McCaughan did not regularly use drugs.

McCaughan attended the music festival with five of her friends and they all had been taking drugs, Walstad said. McCaughan’s friends told Walstad that prior to her death, McCaughan began to panic after taking ecstasy and thought that a man was stalking her. She told her friends she wanted to leave the festival.

While her friends tried to calm her down, McCaughan remained agitated so they put her in a cab to go back to her hotel.

Walstad said the chain of events after that get a little blurry, but it is known that McCaughan sent Facebook messages to her friends who were at the festival and asked for help, writing that “they haven’t come for me yet,” the paper reported. The friends re-grouped at the festival and headed back to the hotel after about an hour.

It is believed she removed the SIM card from her cell phone and barricaded the door to her hotel room. It appears that McCaughan, a petite woman, then squeezed through the window bars of her room.

Las Vegas police said that she fell and landed on a third-floor roof. They are still investigating the circumstances surrounding McCaughan’s fall.

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