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Mudslide forces evacuation of Bellevue homes

Avalanches and LandslidesAvalanches and Landslides

A mudslide forced the evacuation of at at least three homes in Bellevue on Sunday afternoon, leaving mud inside and causing damange to local utility infrastructure.

The mudslide was caused when a six inch water and gas main break erupted underneath the 500 block of Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast. 

City of Bellevue Utilities crews and Puget Sound Energy crews responded to the mudslide. The crews capped a damaged water main and a damaged gas line respectively and set to work at repairing both.

West Lake Sammamish Parkway SE was closed from NE 2nd  at Northup to SE 22nd – and will remain closed indefinitely. Eric Keenan of Bellevue Fire said the 500 block will remain closed for "quite a while."

Last time a similar slide occurred in the area, the cleanup process took 2 weeks. Nobody was injured.


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