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Like wrinkled skin? Shar-peis may go up for adoption

The Oregon Humane Society is rescuing more than 40 dogs from a breeder in Goldendale, Wash., who officials said is overwhelmed with the cost and time required to care for so many dogs.

Goldendale is about 120 miles east of Portland, on the Washington side of the Columbia River.

Almost all of the dogs are shar-peis, a breed known for its distinctive wrinkled skin. Many of the dogs are in urgent need of medical care, the Humane Society said.

"We expect to treat many of these dogs for skin and eye infections that are common to this breed,"  Dr. Kris Otteman of the OHS said. "Some infections appear to be extremely advanced, and the OHS animal hospital is prepared to provide extensive medical care, including surgery."

The dogs were being transported from Goldendale to Portland. The Humane Society said that any evidence of possible criminal animal neglect will be sent to the Klickitat County Sheriff's Office.

Many of the dogs may go up for adoption on May 10, and Otteman said most of the dogs are friendly towards people. But Otteman also said it's possible some of the dogs will require "long-term care to recover from infections."

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