A 33-year-old mother of two and terminal breast cancer patient whose condition worsened while in Hawaii and who was flown back home with the help of public donations died last Friday, it was disclosed Monday.

Margie Walter, who returned to the Seattle area on a medical flight early Friday, died that day, the group Band of Brothers Northwest said.

"Margie found hard to the very end," the group said. "Thank you all that made it possible for her to be home in Seattle surrounded by family and friends when she left this world. Please continue praying for her entire family."

She was diagnosed about two years ago with Stage 3 breast cancer. Margie finished her first round of treatment and not too long ago discovered the cancer was back and beyond treatment. More than a week ago, she and her daughters, ages 6 and 8, along with her new husband, Eric, went on one last family vacation to Hawaii.

And then her condition worsened, to the point where she was unable to take a commercial flight home.

To reserve a medical flight, her family scraped together what money they could from life savings, credit cards, and even their daughters' college funds.

But the nonprofit group Band of Brothers Northwest stepped in. Formed in 2010, Band of Brothers Northwest was formed as a men’s growth group through Eastlake Community Church. It later evolved into a “wish list” to help others in need.

The group set up a Facebook page for the public to donate to the Walter family and bring Margie home. It raised more than $60,000.

“We fully intend to use 100 percent of the money raised to reimburse them (the Walter family) the entire amount (for the medical flight) and anything extra will also be given to them for additional medical expenses and for Margie's daughters' college funds,” the group said Wednesday.

The Facebook page is located here.