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The Barefoot Bandit's outrageous adventure

Justice SystemColton Harris-MooreU.S. Department of Homeland Security

When 20-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, dubbed the “Barefoot Bandit,” is talking about his two-year joyride running from the cops his attorney John Henry Browne says he’s mesmerized.

“There’re a lot of things that nobody knows about yet,” says Browne from his downtown Seattle office. “His saga is breathtaking in many ways.”

That saga ended in the Bahamas with Harris-Moore’s arrest last July. He pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal with prosecutors and will likely be out of prison before he turns 30. “He wants to go to college” says Browne, “he wants to be a productive member of society.”

For more than two years Harris-Moore led law enforcement on a wild ride across nine states and three countries. He stole, flew, and crashed five airplanes.

“He evaded [the Department of] Homeland Security. It’s pretty embarrassing for the government in some ways, but he didn’t know he was doing those things, at all. He told me he really had no plan. His plan was to go from point A to point B.” says Browne.

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