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Hawthorne Signs 5-Year Deal with Saints

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The Seattle Seahawks officially need a new linebacker after David Hawthorne signed a five-year contract with the Saints. After signing key free agents such as Marshawn Lynch and Red Bryant, Hawthorne represented the Hawks biggest name that had not yet been signed. While negotiations were reportedly going on, the two sides were not able to reach an agreement. There are reports that the Hawks offered a two-year deal, but obviously a five-year contract is going to be hard to beat.

Not a shock

It is not a shock that another team signed Hawthorne. David had already visited other teams, and the Seahawks didn't seem to be aggressively pursuing their leading tackler. Or, maybe they were and Hawthorne wanted to explore other options. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have not necessarily spent a lot of free-agent money on big-time linebackers over the last couple of seasons as they have revamped the defense. Still, this represents a significant loss for the Hawks.



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