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Tarvaris Suffers "High-Grade Strain" of his Pectoral Muscle

Jameson KonzCharlie WhitehurstPete CarrollZach MillerTarvaris Jackson

Coach Pete Carroll said Monday in his press conference that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson suffered a “high-grade strain” of his pectoral muscle.  While the injury doesn’t appear to be serious long term, Jackson won’t practice during the next two days during the team’s bye.

“He had an MRI, and it showed that there some stuff there, and we just have to see how it responds. He didn’t rehab today. He felt better today than he did yesterday, but we don’t know. We won’t know for a while,” Carroll said. 

Look for Jackson to be listed as questionable with “stuff” next week. If Jackson is healthy, Carroll made it pretty clear Sunday that Charlie Whitehurst won’t be starting Seattle’s next game.

On Whitehurst:  “I don’t think Charlie did anything phenomenal today. I thought he did what he does. He’s a good football player. And he knows our system and he handled himself well.”

On Jackson: “There’s been a lot of people that have talked about Tarvaris and had a lot of opinions about him, but this guy’s a baller.”

The Seahawks will also practice without tight end Zach Miller, who has a neck/head injury. The team lost special teamer Jameson Konz for the season with a torn ACL.

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