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JAMES HUDEN: Accused Murder-For-Hire Killer Able To Evade Authorites For Years

Colton Harris-Moore isn't the only high-profile fugitive police in Island County want.

Authorities there, and U.S. Marshals have been hunting James Huden for years, ever since he became the prime suspect in a murder-for-hire case back around Christmas of 2003.

Police say the victim, Russ Douglas, was lured to a remote part of Whidbey Island by Huden - then shot in the head.

Sgt. Michael Beech with the Island County Sheriff's Office tells WMW how at one point they had him - but not the evidence they needed. "We believe that Mr. Huden was hired, a contract, to kill Russell Douglas. We contacted him once in Florida, but at that point and time, our prosecutor didn't feel that we had enough to prosecute him, so I had to let Mr. Huden go. At that point Mr. Huden disappeared from the map."

Cops and marshals think Huden may be hiding around Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, or another resort-area south of the border.

He's also a professional guitar player - check out the photo of him playing for yourself - and could be strumming at bars and nightclubs.

Here's the details on JAMES HUDEN:

  • Age: Late 50's
  • Ht: 6'0"
  • Wt: 185 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown

He's been featured on America's Most Wanted, and now right here on Washington's Most Wanted. It's been a long run from the law for this accused murder-for-hire killer, but maybe a WMW viewer like you holds the clue that could finally lead to his capture!

If you know anything that can help cops track down James Huden, call: Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-TIPS

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