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Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look At Mariners' Personal Chef

Ken Griffey Sr.

Lily Jang got an exclusive, behind the scenes look with the team's personal chef who "dishes" about what players are like off the field and some big changes in what the players eat!

Chef Jeremy, for the first time in his ten years as Mariners' team chef is changing everything the players eat.

"Everything is really really healthy. It's chiken breast and light sauces. I don't do cream sauces anymore."

That means no more fried foods, no corn dog or nacho machines, no cooking with butter and no sugar. "No birthday cake," says Chef Jeremy. "They can have yogurt. If they're lucky, they get granola"

It's all to improve players' performance after a rough season. But despite their new diet, some things never change. These guys are superstitious!

"It could be easy as a turkey avocado sandwich. If they hit a homerun, they want that again the next day."

Ichiro eats 5 chicken wings cooked in a beat up pan, on the same plate and sits in the same chair. It's just "understood." "Yeah, he just goes 'wink'. We don't even need to speak. I just have em ready everyday same time."

Despite being the world's biggest M's fan (he hasn't missed a game in 10 years), Chef Jeremy got star struck meeting Ken Griffey Junior!

"I was so nervous to cook for him. I'm such a big fan and he asked for a grilled ham n cheese. So I took a picture of it."

jeremy says since then, the kid's been pretty low-maintenance. "Junior's been bringing in some really nice kobe steaks and australian lobster tails."

No word if the new diet is popular among the players... but it's already proven successful for the chef himself!

"I'm down 15 right now but I told Eric Bedard I'd be down 20 by time he comes back."

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